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Fourth day in Panama City

We are now here in Panama since Monday. As our container still has not arrived yet, we sleep in an empty apartment with just a mattress and live out of our suitcases. We are lucky though as we have several good restaurants right in front of the apartment building which is one of the high rises that make up the well-known skyline of Panama City.

We usually have breakfast at a small deli shop across the street. They offer empanadas filled with meat or chicken and heated sandwiches. Together with one or two cups of coffee with milk (half coffee, half milk) that's a good start into the day. I then head up the street about 200m to my office. As said earlier I enjoy the walking and am quite happy for the fact that I don't have to use a car to get to work.

Everything looks quite spacious with a lonely desk in there. I'm waiting for news from the shipping company whether the container has arrived at the port in Colon yesterday.

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