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Highlights of 2008

In February I reposted an article from my company blog about outsourcing for start-ups. Thoughts on the ideal project team was written as part of the thought process around forming and operating a software development company. I continued with an article about quality control in software development.

Inspired by working with a client in the US I wrote in April about what is wrong with software development in large corporations and found a connection between accounting and software development. Being a bit desparate I even asked whether a psychological evaluation for Agile might be useful.

In May my impression of large scale IT was that it really doesn’t matter if the product works.

In August, as I was thinking about offering nearshore development services from Panama I wrote about risk factors for offshore-outsourced development projects.

September saw the launch of my company’s first product: Caimito One Team 1.0. I also got invited to speak at IEEE Panama on the day of the software developer.

After our arrival in Panama two years ago we had lived in the modern city and in two different apartments. In December we decided to move out to the country side where regular cars are of limited use. Good that we had bought a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon as part of the preparations for the relocation.

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