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Fiber Optics for Internet Access

Currently we use a 1 mbps connection that runs over TV cable. It was installed some time ago as a means to get any kind of IP access into the office - just to get started. In general it works nice, but at times it's flaky and ssh sessions drop or a file transfer stalls.

Three weeks ago I placed the order for a 2 mbps fiber optics circuit. It's a dedicated line with 2 mbps in both directions and of course we will have a set of static IP addresses that will allow us to run a few servers here. Not that I would like to have a datacenter in the middle of the office. That would be far too noisy. It's more about the flexibility to a few test systems here that will allow us to show customers things we are working on. Better security for our mail server and its contents is another reason for the upgrade.

The picture shows the breakout box where the fiber optics cable is terminated.

Fiber Optics Breakout Box

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