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Cerro Azul - Vacation Homes Between the Clouds

A few weeks ago we explored the area of nearby Cerro Azul. It's a little peak up to about 1000m above sea level and about 1.5 hrs from the center of Panama City. Up there between the clouds a little community has formed. Actually it's a project initiated by a foreign development company that has built streets and put basic infrastructure into place. Access by the general public is restricted. You need to have an invitation or simply say at the gate you are interested in buying a property to get in.

In comparison to Panama City it's cool and fresh up there. The clouds make it even cooler and a bit wet. People enjoy the change, use ATVs to get around, hike to mountain stream and there are a few swimming holes. As it was drizzling all the time, I did not take many pictures, but only a few:

DSC 2006

DSC 2007

DSC 2008

DSC 2010

DSC 2012

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