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Someone interested hearing about software development in Panama?

Since moving to Panama City, Panama (the country in Central America where the Panama Canal is located, not the city in Florida), last year I've been involved in the project of a local client and started my own in March. Both experiences have given me a lot of insight what you can do in Panama. I may even do an educated guess about the possibilities in other Latin American countries based on my recent experience and what I know from previous travels throughout the region and conversations with people from those other countries (mainly Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia).

Further I've been participating as a speaker and attendee local events like the Geek Fest Panama or UXcamp.

While I made my experience with Panamanian developers as part of my work for a local client and came to the conclusion that there are indeed smart brains in Panama capable of developing software using current Java technologies, I can now talk about how well an agile process works by telling the story of the development of our product Savila. There is a lot of talk going on about how to outsource development, whether outsourcing works or creates more hassle than it's worth or how to do "agile" with a distributed team or one that is in another country or culture.

So my question is whether companies or user groups would be interested in hearing more about these topics. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

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