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Farming in the rainforest of Panama

This blog seems to be a bit abandoned. I haven't written anything for quite some time. All I can say is that I'm a bit busy these days. And ... There is a secret I've been hiding for a while. Aside from being busy working on software I've gotten into something I would never have thought about before. Sometimes you need to be in the right place and just get to learn new things that practically present themselves to you.

What is it?

I've learned to ride horses and have come to enjoy it quite a lot lately. This all happened because a friend who owns a teak plantation in Panama invited me to visit the plantation. The means of transportation was horses so I had to get into the sattle. The first time it feels a bit strange - especially for a city boy like myself - but then after a while you get used to it and I started to enjoy it.

After going back to the plantation a few times and to the horses there I got myself a horse. Well... Not excactly one horse but three ;-) And some land of my own too. If you like to know more about that adventure, head over to http://rainforestfinca.wordpress.com. There is more to tell than just about horseback riding. It's going to be big adventure and a great escape from the office and staring all day to the big 30" screen working on sophisticated software products. I think doing something else on the side is great for thinking outside the box. What's more important for an independent software consultant than being able to think outside that box full of conventional solutions?

Note: Since then I have deleted the blog http://rainforestfinca.wordpress.com and moved its content to this website.

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