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Picking up Luzero to join the others

It feels like yesterday but it actually was in mid June when bought the horses and brought them to the farm. In this post I show you pictures Luis took when he picked up Luzero at around 6 AM to take him to the corral where the other two were already waiting for transport.

As there is no ramp the pickup truck get’s simply put in front of a bank and then the horse can jump on. As Luis told me later Luzero did this without much hassle. Good boy!

Some last preparations, then the door gets closed. The truck is an old Toyoto Hilux with a special waggon bolted to it. In Panama you can see this type of truck very frequently outside the city. There are closed and open variants of the waggon on the back.

Here they arrive in the middle of the Sora village, that’s where we live, and have to do a left turn to get onto the only road leading out of the mountains.

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