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A farm in the rainforest - but with great cellphone coverage

The farm is located in a remote area with lots of rainforest around. That doesn’t mean though that we can’t use a cellphone or connect to the Internet.

Have a close look at this picture:

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It was taken from one of the higher places on the farm. The altitude is a bit more than 500m above sea level. Right in the middle of the picture you can spot two cellphone towers and further to the left another tower can be seen. The two close to eachother are operated by Telefonic Movistar and Digicel. The one to the left is for television.

So we’ve got 5 bars up there. I have to bring some 3G device to check whether Internet will work with high speed (3.5 mbps) or just the regular EDGE service is available. Even if it is just EDGE, it is still useful and an upgrade is certainly just a matter of time.

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