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Homemade offroad trailer

There are many trailers of all kinds. But if you are in the market for a trailer that is suitable for river crossings, you won’t probably find none. After building two small trailers Luis and I started to think about a high offroad trailer. The small trailers are meant to be horse drawn and are intented to extract wood from the forest. We built them ahead of time expecting to need them for a fried who owns a teak plantation but we never got to use them due to difficulties with the terrain (too wet and muddy). There will be some good use for those small trailers on the farm in the near future I hope.

So here is the first picture of our offroad trailer. The thing is made of parts of the scrapyard plus rectangular metal tubes from the local hardware store and two new shocks. The shocks came in yellow which was very convenient. The tires are 31” and were on the Jeep before.

The trailer’s platform is very high on purpose so that it stays off the water when crossing a river. On the next tire change the old tires from the Jeep, which are now 33”, will be put on the trailer. That way we recycle a bit.

Today we used it for the first time to move those mahagony planks we cut three months ago at a nearby farm. They have been cut using a chainsaw mill and are 1”, 2” and 3” thick. The wood has been drying outside the whole time. Interestingly the sapwood is full of termite holes but the heartwood has none. We are planning to build a little coffee table out of some of that beautiful mahagony wood.

This is the hitch with the trailer attached to it. All that is homemade as well. The whole trailer and accessories was all built from scratch and driven by imagination.

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