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25 km and 10 river crossings

This week Diadema and Topacio achieved an important milestone. We took them on a ride over 25 km to a little village called Cabuya and back. To get there we had to ride over narrow trails behind pastures with lots of rocks. They had to cross two small rivers and other creeks totaling about 10 times. There were rocky trail parts to climb or go down. These rocks on the trail and in the river crossings were about the size of a watermelon and they had to watch their step. In part they stood on top of these rocks as there was no other space for their hoofs available.

The first part of the trail were all rocks and crossing the Chame river from one side to the other. Then the trail got wider and there were road like stretches without any obstacles. There they took advantage of their fast gait and left Baby, the criollo horse of our friend Carlos, easily behind.

In fact it was a joy to see how that little competition between Diadema and Topacio works. None allowed to other to be in front. While one slowed down a bit, the other moved forward just to have the other increase speed again. So for a while we were moving in a fast gait followed by a smooth gallop leaving Carlos on Baby far behind. Of course they won again when we came to rocks and a water crossing. ;-)

But … With the training the two Peruvian mares are getting they do learn the skills to have a firm step in difficult terrain. And even Diadema is calming down. She was simply scared of so many new things. It appears she is understanding and getting used to it.

On the way back from Cabuya to Bajo del Rio we looked at the watch to see how much time we will need for roughly 12 km. We made it in 1:20 hrs. That’s not bad given the rough terrain and 5 river/creek crossings.

After our return they both got their deserved bath followed by a good portion of horse food and hay. They both looked happy and so did we.

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