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Teaching one handed Ruby on Rails after an accident

Some may have wondered why there hasn’t been any new post here for quite a while. I had an accident four weeks ago and bruised my wrist and due to that I’m still trying to limit typing to a minimum.

Still life has to go on and so has to go on work as well. This week I’m teaching - one handed - an online class about Ruby on Rails. I hope to gain back my regular typing abilities soon so that I can do more things shortly. The hands are very important tools for programmers ;-)

What happened? Well … As you know I own two Peruavian mares and as we want to work with them on the cattle farm in the near future I tried some roping. Unfortunately Topacio did confuse the wup-wup sound of the rope - the sound that you hear when the rope cuts through the air - with a whip and was fearing I might hit her. So she took off and ran for her life. In the process I got shaken off her back and landed on my hand. I wasn’t expecting that but then I learned from the breeder that they were using a whip sometimes in the past. To me that’s a terrible idea. It seems they have stopped that because the 5 years younger Diadema did show panic when hearing the same sound.

There is a set of pictures up on Flickr about the training program we have started since then. By now both mares are great horses for working cattle. We should have done that right from the start but as always … after the fact you are smarter ;-)

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