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Snake hides in a moving box

After all the rural areas of Panama are basically a cleared piece of jungle. And of the animal species living in the jungle is snakes.

Well… This morning we found one:

DSC 0177

Somehow over night it sneaked into the house and found an open moving box to sleep the day away.

Using a broom with a looooong stick I closed the lid of the box, moved it outside and then turned it over. First the snake didn’t want to move so I pushed it with the broom and eventually it woke up and got angry at the broom pushing it. With a few more strokes it finally got the message and started to leave.

DSC 0179

I don’t know whether this visitor was a poisonous or not. There are enough poisonous ones out there that you are usually well advised to assume they are. I will ask around and update this post once I know what type of snake we had in the box.

Update: I was told that our visitor was some sort of viper and poisonous. So it was a good idea to be very careful in moving the box to get the snake out of the house.

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