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Peruvian Paso Maximiliano arrives and meets Max

Earlier this week our new Peruvian Paso Maximiliano arrived. He traveled from his birthplace in Virginia to Ohio more than 10 hours in a big semi trailer where about 12 horses fit in. Although he had company he was pretty scared when he came out of the trailer. That might also have been because of the running Diesel engine of the truck, the new surroundings or simply the fact that he has never traveled before. Probably a combination of all.

DSC 0010

After calming him down a bit I walked him up the driveway very slowly. He was nervous and ready to flee but somehow he also trusted the human at his side (me) enough to stay. I took a while to get to the barn. We did several stops to look around while I was trying to talk to him in a calm voice. His stall has a small run outside. For the time being he prefers to stay outside looking over the adjoining hay field.

DSC 0026

Maximiliano is black with a touch of chocolate in his mane. Right now he is wearing his winter coat. I'm expecting him to get very beautiful for the summer. He is also quite curious about other creatures like the barn cat.

DSC 0035

And of course Maximiliano and Max, the Haflinger, made friends the same day they met. Here is Max nibbling his new friend.

DSC 0046

Although I have ridden Maximiliano briefly I don't intent to get up his back just yet. Instead I want to figure him out a bit more and do some groundwork first to establish our relationship and respect. I've also ordered a custom saddle all in black that has to arrive first.