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Ruby Wrapper for IBM MQ

Currently I'm working on a Ruby gem called "rmq". It is a wrapper library to make the C language API of IBM's MQ product available to Ruby programmers. There has been another gem "ruby-wmq" but it was a C extension and only works with MRI Ruby. That leaves people using other Rubies like JRuby without support. Plus it appears that "ruby-wmq" is no longer supported.

As part of a current client engagement I was doing some experiments about how to best test message flows created with IBM MQ Message Broker. For that I wrote a few helper classes for JUnit that use the Java API for the MQ product. Another experiment was to use SOAP to call into flows exposed as web services. And then I did a sample using the C API.

Eventually it appeared to be best to wrap the C API which also exposes all administrative functions that are not available via any other API. In the end I want to use test message flows via Cucumber and for that I need the ability to create, find, clean and destroy queues on a local queue manager so that every scenario can run completely independent.

I hope that I can make "rmq" and maybe a few other pieces open source and release it all as a gems.