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Do you take a nap after lunch?

As I write this it is lunch time here in China. I’m at the offices of my client in a very large office park with many buildings. Probably about 20,000 people are working here.

We just had lunch in the cafeteria and are back at the office, which is a big room with many cubicles that have low walls. And it is dark. The shades are down and the light has been turned off. You have to be careful where you step in the darkness. Only the main walkway in the center of the room is lit.

Everybody is having a nap.

They sleep with the head on the table sitting in their office chairs. They sleep on camping beds they brought in from home or they use some insulation mattress under their desk. Some are wrapped up under sheets or have put themselves inside a sleeping bag. The only sound you can hear is the air condition, some rare sneeze and some very light typing by people who don’t want to sleep but continue to work or chat with someone via the internal messaging system.

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