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Safety instructions in the cafeteria

This week I made a little discovery in the cafeteria of my Chinese client. We finished our lunch a bit late and while we were still talking cooks and other kitchen personnel gathered.

The cooks were standing in two rows evenly spaced to the left and the other kitchen personnel was standing in two rows, equally evenly spaced, to the right. The image I saw reminded me of a military formation. The cooks were wearing the traditional white cook uniform and the other kitchen personnel had a white and blue uniform on.

There was no chatter amongst the people. They were all quite. Then someone else, dressed in shirt and black pants, showed up and got in front of the group. This person started to say something in a loud voice and from my translator I learned the meaning:

“What do you do when you leave your station” was the question.

“I turn off the stove and all other devices” was the answer in a single voice from all the cooks.

Similar questions were asked and the respective group, cooks and other kitchen personnel, answered like a chorus.

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