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Decking the roof

With the roof watertight it was now time to put the metal sheets on. They are supposed to protect the membrane from the sunlight. We created a substructure and then fastened the sheets onto it.

After a while we had a clean blue surface. A finished roof.

Well… Almost. We still need to close the overhang and cut off a bit on this side here. The bad part of this is that we couldn’t find all the pieces locally so we had to improvise a bit. But it should work out in the end.

As we also figured out that we don’t have to install any pipes or tubes into the south wall we were able to finally close it. Our walls are filled completely with rock wool, which makes it 15 cm of insulation between plywood and sheetrock.

In case you wonder why we didn’t put the plywood on the outside but on the inside first: the reason is that we needed some structural element to keep the walls square back then.

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