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PDF for my talk "Agile Development in Panama"

Yesterday I gave a talk about Agile Development in Panama at the Atlanta JUG. I have to thank again Gunnar Hillert for inviting me and all the JUG members for their attendence and good questions.

This talk was a bit different than what you might expect at a Java Users Group meeting, as it wasn't the typical technical talk. My goal was to provide a realistic image of the situation for software developers in Panama, which is a small Latin American nation of only 3 million people. A significant share of those 3 million is comprised of the members of four quite distinct indigenous tribes who live in autonomous regions on small islands or deep in the tropical rainforest. About 800,000 Panamians - it might be more - live the in very modern capital and the rest is scattered over several provinces where agriculture is the dominating business.

For software development it doesn't need thousands or person. A few good ones make all the difference. So I'm particularly pleased that I had to opportunity to showcase the Panama JUG which is comprised of students of the Universidad Tecnologica and led by their teacher Aristides Villareal. The Panama JUG, together with other individuals elsewhere in the Spanish speaking world, is responsible for the translation of Sun's Netbeans IDE into Spanish.

In two weeks we will have a big event in Chitre, the capital of the Herrera province. Please see my earlier post for more details.

The PDF of yesterdays's talk is available for download. The file is 20 MB, as I had to print each stage of the slides.

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