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PanamaJUG Conference

Thursday and Friday of this week we presented at the first PanamaJUG conference in Chitre. This event, as I announced in September, marks a big milestone in the development of the Panamanian JUG and in the work of Aristides Villareal who is professor at the regional center Azuero of Universidad Tecnologica in Los Santos.

Attendence was very good. We had between 50 - 80 attendees, many of them students. It was not a free event. They each paid $35 for students and $50 for professionals to cover the costs of the conference center, meals and equipment.

Fidel Chavarria, developer at my company Caimito Technologies, presented our agile project management tool Savila and as well the Workbench, which is a compilation of tools like Continuum, Maven, Subversion and Savila pre-packaged as a VMware image and ready to use.

My presentation was about An Agile Organization and Scrum similar to the talks I gave earlier in Tampa and Miami but with slides translated into Spanish.

I just finished uploading some of my own pictures. A few more pictures can be found at Janice Campbell's blog who is Globalization Program Manager at Sun Microsystems. Follow these links:

Many more pictures were taken and I will update this blog post once they will be available.


Aristides created a series of animations based on pictures taking during the 2-day event: Janice, Fabiola, Augusto, Gerardo, Tomasz, Brian, Fidel, Rodrigo, Stephan, Workshops, Assistents, Raffle

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