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Small countries celebrate a little different

Have a look at this quote (emphasis is mine). It is about the reception of a young female amateur singer from Panama who won a TV show.

Panama Guide in Road Closures For Margarita Henríquez's Arrival:
The four lanes of Via Bolívar (Transístmica) will be closed starting at 6:00 pm today, Sunday 12 October 2008, in order to prepare for the reception tomorrow for the winner of the Latin American Idol competition, Margarita Henríquez. Vehicular traffic will not be allowed to pass through this important artery until 4:00 am on Tuesday morning. Margarita Henríquez will arrive in Panama at about 1:00 pm tomorrow about the presidential jet that will bring her from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the Tocumen International Airport. She will travel in a caravan that will depart the airport and follow a route established by authorities; Vía Tocumen until the intersection at Pedregal, from there they will turn left and follow Vía José Agustín Arango until they reach Balboa Ave. (Vía Cincuentenario), which they will follow until they reach the Pediátrica (formerly the Clínica Hospital América). For all of this authorities are going to close all four lanes of Via Transístmica so they recommend people use alternate routes such as Ricardo Miró, Vista Hermosa and Vía España. There will be partial closures of streets as the caravan passes in order to guarantee the safety and security of supporters. There will be a main stage that will feature national artists such as Mach & Daddy, Jr. Ranks, Aldo Ranks, La Kachamba, Iván Barrios, Anne Lorain and Manuel Araúz, for Margarita Henríquez's reception. Authorities are not going to allow anyone to enter with glass bottles, cooler, or weapons of any type. In addition they have announced to the citizens to remain alert because bus routes are going to be altered. Along the route there will be more than 500 police officers, traffic police, ambulances, as well as SINAPROC. National artists will give a concert to welcome Margarita Henríquez. The show will go on until 4:00 am on Tuesday.

Panama is a small country of only 3 million people. One of them has won a singers contest on TV. She will be received by the president, brought home on the presidential airplane, traffic in the capital Panama City will be screwed up all day and the concert in her honor will last until 4 am on a regular week (work) day.

And some people are afraid of a world-wide financial crisis that brings heavy losses these days ...

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