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Land survey in the jungle

Last month I was telling the stories of the land survey we did. In one of the posts I told you where the rainforest is. In another article I described how we were exploring a true jungle that is located in the second part of the farm. So you already have a good idea of that.

During the survey we had to climb uphill following a quebrada which was used to simply determine the limits between the two segments. I got to shoot a few interesting pictures and here they are:

This is “grillo” - the land surveyer. He is talking on his cell phone, which is kind of a nice detail given the location and surroundings. The farm has great cell phone coverage despite its remote location.

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Do you believe me that his guy is 67 years old? Over three days straight he was walking to and from the farm and all around it carrying this heavy battery pack and the pole with the GPS computer and antenna dome. No sweat. No fatigue. And always a smile or a joke.

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Now comes something that explains well what it means to be in a real jungle. Have you heard stories about indigenous people appearing and disappearing before one’s very eyes? I know now that these stories must be true.

See here. Now you see the group:

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And after a few steps they are gone:

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Impressive - isn’t it?

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