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Some Beijing impressions

On the way from the hotel to the offices I was able to snap a few pictures of China morning life on the street. We were walking and that provided some good opportunities.

2014 06 25 Beijing 5

2014 06 25 Beijing 7

Like this gentlemen, as I was told, many older people like to work in the garden and grow something for themselves. In a city of 80 million people like Beijing apparently they use any piece of soil that seems to available.

2014 06 25 Beijing 8

Along this water channel there were many small gardens. Some just planted with corn, others with smaller plants that are probably a bit more difficult to care for.

2014 06 25 Beijing 9

2014 06 25 Beijing 10

This is a temporary home for construction workers:

2014 06 25 Beijing 11

In this area, which is located quite far away from the center of Beijing, there were many large signs explaining basic traffic rules. This one explains the meaning of traffic lights and how to behave.

2014 06 25 Beijing 12

Chinese breakfast

After our morning walk we arrived at the offices and went into the cafeteria for breakfast. This is how a typical Chinese breakfast looks like:

2014 06 25 Beijing 13

The content of the bowl is some kind of rice soup. It contains more water than rice and has a slightly bitter or sour flavor. The cafeteria offered two different kinds of this but I only tried this one.

Air pollution

The air in Beijing is definitely not the best in the world.

There is so much pollution in the air that you hardly can see very far. If you look closely at the following image, you can spot the blue sky and below it some milky white stuff.

2014 06 25 Beijing 1

All those particles in the air create some sort of fog - that is smog - that is even visible at a very short distance such as from the window of a building down to the street. Quite impressive and certainly not healthy.

A positive thing I noticed is that there are no motorcycles of any kind with a fossil fuel burning engine. They are all electric and move around silently.

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