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Chinese Lunch

My client is a large enterprise. So far I’ve seen two corporate campuses and they are very nice. Very detailed landscaping that gets maintained quite well. And these campuses have a size that easily compares to something like a University campus. In fact, it has a certain feel of it as well - especially during lunch time when hundreds of young people walk from their offices to the cafeteria(s). I learned that they even use a slot system to be able to serve food to that many people. So for every building there is a time slot that is to be used as lunch break, if people want to eat in the cafeteria.

I have no idea how many people work in each of those two campuses I’ve seen so far. But given that each campus contains maybe 10 buildings with multiple stories … I was told that the whole company has more than 130,000 employees.

In Beijing they even have what they call a theme restaurant in a separate corner of the very huge cafeteria. One can reserve a table and there are nicely dressed waitresses attending the patrons - just like in a regular restaurant outside.

We had lunch there and again the food was coming and coming:

2014 06 25 Beijing 14

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