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New farm in Andalucia

After a failed attempt to aquire a piece of land in Panama a few years back we have since relocated to a number of different places and now found and purchased another farm in southern Spain. The farm is about 45 hectares in size, is located in the Cordoba province of Andalucia and is full of oak trees which produce acorns that feed the black Iberian pig.

The picture shows the rough location of the farm in front of the mountains.

Finca 2017 09 16 13 23 01

Close by is a water reservoir that regulates the amount of water available downstream. The farm is located downstream.

Finca 2017 09 16 13 27 53

The entrance to the farm is via a dirt road of about 2 kilometers in length. The road gets maintained by its users, is officially registered as servidumbre (access road) and crosses over three distinct parcels of registered land.

Finca 2017 06 29 18 07 17

In front of the farm we have a creek that at the height of the summer heat was carrying quite a bit of water. We have access to this water and we also have a number of wells throughout the property.

Finca 2017 06 29 18 12 21