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First impressions from the new farm

After crossing the creek we enter through a gate into the farm. The property is completely fenced to keep farm animals in. The fence posts in this area are all made of granite - like the rocks in the picture. It is also the favorite building material used on the exterior of the houses in this area.

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The farm has several wells and it has this water tower. The capacity is probably 5000 liters. The water lines run to the old farm house and several watering systems for the pigs.

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There is an area enclosed with stone walls and some old internal fencing. It is currently being used for pigs.

Finca 2017 08 25 11 55 08

The old farm house and auxiliary buildings have kept up quite well although no humans have been living there for quite some time. However, there is solar power for lighting in the big house. Here in Spain you can see a lot of solar power use. There are many solar powered wells and other applications in rural areas.

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The pigs were fleeing when I stepped on a stone to look over the wall so that I can take this picture. This is where they drink water and can also roll in the muddy hole below the concrete plate.

Finca 2017 08 25 12 15 57

The pigs belong to the former owner who just sold the property to us. There is also a number of cows. They will stay until early next year. The oak trees will produce acorns in late October and throughout November. That is when the pigs will roam the place and eat mostly acorns. It is also the time when it is expected to start raining and the pasture will turn green again.