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First lunch at new farm

There is something emotional about having your first meal at a new place you call my place. The farm is not in any shape to allow humans to live there at the moment. It’s not like buying a house or apartment. But we wanted to make that positive experience.

So I got into the truck and went shopping. First I went to the lumber store to buy some 70x40 mm pine wood, we got a kitchen counter top of 180 cm length, purchased a gas stove and a sink. As we needed electricity we also purchased a power generator and a few additional tools.

Then everything got loaded up in the back of the truck and we went to the farm to pick a nice spot for our temporary base camp.

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After a little while we had a kitchen set up in the shade under an oak tree.

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Lunch was delicious. It’s always amazing how different food tastes when prepared and eaten outside.