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Fixing a fence temporarily

When I came to the farm around noon I spotted the cows resting in the sun. In autumn mornings start chilly, currently around 10C but we had colder mornings already as well, and then the sun warms everything up to reach a high of 22C in the shade. Directly in the sun you want to get rid of all the additional layers of your clothing quickly :-)

The cows took advantage of the warmth.

Finca 2017 11 17 13 25 01

I then proceeded to unload some wood for another project and then went to the first spot where we need to temporarily fix a fence. The previous owner’s pigs will be on the property for a little while and so we need to protect the area where we want to start building a new structure from them.

Finca 2017 11 17 14 01 16

With a few new posts and some cattle panel I was able to close the gap. The old fence further to the right can be lifted and attached to the post again.

Finca 2017 11 17 14 17 07

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time and so just unloaded the remaining segment and posts for the next day.

The main challenge we currently have is that we live not anywhere near the farm. We are about 50 km away and it takes one hour each way. That is why we are focusing on building a structure that allows us to be at the farm first and then everything else is much, much easier. In case someone wonders why we are not fixing up the existing farm house: it’s not really suitable for us and we have other plans for it and the surrounding buildings.

Here in this area the old fence can be lifted and reattached to the posts. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just tell the pigs to not enter the area for a while until they are gone.

Finca 2017 11 17 14 21 15

The pigs are extremely curious. Everything new gets touched and sniffed at. They also try to rub on everything. You place a tool on the ground and the moment you turn your back a pig begins to play with the tool. That’s why it is so important to fence off the building area.

Finca 2017 11 17 14 21 46