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Box embargos are so annoying

Have you ever flown to a destination with a box embargo? I don't know about other airlines, but American Airlines does not allow you to carry boxes at certain times to certain destinations. While I traveled earlier this year with a box to Panama, today they told me there was a "box embargo" in effect. Apparently you can't carry something in a box from June to August.

I got really upset about this, because my boxes had my PowerMac G5 and the 30" display in them. They asked me to take it out and put it in a regular bag. Whoa! A 30" display in a regular bag without the protection of the shipping box isn't a very bright idea. Finally some kind soul referred me to some yellow dressed guys who were selling special bags and stretch wrapped them.

But the bad surprises did not end here. After returning to another counter I was told again that they can't accept my boxes. Yikes! First I had to "convert" the box to a bag and then the bright guy on the other side of the counter is still telling me it's a box and I can't fly with it. So what...? After a bit of getting really annoyed and expressing my anger in both English and Spanish a supervisor showed up, checked something in their computer and decided to accept my two boxes - aehm bags that is. Now that I'm sitting in the plane I can see why it worked. The flight is not full :-)

Update: The best part came after we landed. One of my boxes did not made it due to TSA's screening. One should not travel with too much electronics inside the luggage. Makes one very suspicious. The box did miss the flight and hopefully will arrive later tonight. At least the AA staff here in Panama is very polite and helpful and already had me on their list.