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Ohio for a few days

After speaking in Tampa and Miami at the beginning of this week I flew to Columbus, Ohio, yesterday night to visit my good friend Brian Sam-Bodden of Integrallis. What a difference between warm and sunny Florida ;-) As you can tell by the picture, snapped this morning, winter is coming and the temperature has already dropped quite a bit. While in Miami and Tampa it was about 27ºC/80ºC here in Ohio it's only 4ºC/40ºF, which to me is not chilly but actually quite cold.


That temperature thing is particularly funny, as I, being German, should be used to low temperatures and show. Apparently the human adapts quite good to different climates. Now that I live in warmer places, such as Florida, the Dominican Republic and now Panama, my body has adapted to heat and I need to put on more warm clothes than I used to in the past. Quite funny this experience ;-)