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Cleaning up patio and workshop

Most of the farm buildings have been disused many years. The patio is covered with dirt and vegatation. I’m curious to know what’s underneath the dirt. Was the patio covered with concrete or even had tiles laid? Or is it just a mix of rocks and some concrete in between as on the other side of the buildings?

We also need a place to put all the dirt and garbage. The challenge is that there so much of it and not all of it is garbage to be thrown away. All the plan material is actually a resource and the dirt is too. What’s true garbage is only a tiny fraction - like empty bottles or can or pieces of plastic. I decided to pile it all up in this area filled with rocks. It’s not far away. There is more stuff to be cleaned up. The fence posts need to come up. I believe it’s not that bad to keep the stuff here for a short pile before we can sort it better. I consider that move a necessary form of waste (in the lean sense).

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At the end of the day I can show a few before and after pictures:

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Finca 2017 08 25 12 04 24 Finca 2017 10 12 17 52 56

As it looks like we have rocks and patches of concrete under the dirt. To be sure I think we should try to clean it up more by using a power washer.

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