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Erecting the mongolian yurt the second time

At the end of March we were trying to add a mongolian yurt to the house but abandoned the idea. Now three months later we gave it another try. This time made a simple platform and allowed the yurt to be a free standing building.

This time it worked very well. The magic trick is to ensure the circle is actually round. Any deviation will cause the sticks to fall down constantly and one gets very, very frustated when that happens.

Juan brought along his friend Angel to help while I was busy with something else. Here is Juan attaching the inner textile layer to the door frame with staples.

The inside looks very nice. The cirlce at the top will be closed in with some wooden segments that have glas in them. One has metal instead of the glas and is part of the chimney for the wood stove that will be situated in the center of the yurt.

The grey layer is watertight and keeps the inside of the yurt dry.

The final layer is a thick tarp to protect the other layers from the sunlight.

All done for now. The piece of tarp in the foreground gets on top of the center opening and can be moved with two strings to allow more or less light to come into the yurt.