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Closing in the roof

Now that we have added a second half to the house we can begin to close in the roof. There are many different ways how to build a roof. We decided on a version that gives us a surface to walk on and thus used 9 mm thick plywood as a first cover.

Adding 9 mm plywood to the roof
Beginning to look like a roof
Our favorite tool
Sheating the roof
It feels already like a house
Juan really likes the nail gun
The future kitchen area

The furniture is from our first lunch at the farm back in October of 2017 when we just had made a downpayment.

In late April the gras is starting to grow rapidly every day. What used to be exposed on the side of the house is now fully covered with plants.

The rafters for the covered porch are waiting to be installed
The wall between bedroom and office
We even got some furniture to have lunch INSIDE the house

With just the plywood it’s not really watertight. Water will flow through the gaps between the sheets of plywood. To stop that we are planning to add a plastic membrane that lets vapor out but no humidity in.